Why number six is big and the September dates you need to know

Meaghan tells us what this number is telling and offering us

Fall is here and the number six may be a significant factor for you this month, especially if you’re looking to end longer term cycles or situations in your life that aren’t good for you.

“September is a ‘6’ energy month,” professional numerologist and energetics expert Meaghan Alton tells Kelowna10. “This is incredibly exciting because 2022 is also a ‘6’ energy year.”

September offers peak energy for the entire year, according to Meaghan, and six is all about karma. The second week of this month is when the forces or actions will make their move.

“We have incredible opportunities this month to collapse karmic challenges and cycles that may have been sticking around for months, or potentially years,” Meaghan explains. "Around September 9th you’re going to have an opportunity, if you see sixes around, telling you it’s time to close out some old cycles that aren’t serving you.”

Then, she says on Sept. 10, there will be a move into a wealth opportunity karmic cycle where you can create wealth and prosperity.

“On September 13th we actually open into a creativity cycle. So, you can really use these new opportunities to create karma that actually serves and benefits you in this karmic month.”

Published 2022-08-29 by Meaghan Alton

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