Why blood and plasma donations are critical right now

Canadian Blood Services is asking for people to donate

  • Donations needed to help support through COVID-19
  • Kelowna residents stepping up

While the Kelowna plasma donor centre was bustling Thursday morning, it doesn’t negate the need for more donations for Canadian Blood Services.

“The need doesn’t stop whether there’s a pandemic or not,” Business Manager Jannna Pantella said.

She said several regular donors are not able to come in due to COVID-19, with many either isolating themselves or in isolation because someone they live with is unwell.

She hopes residents respond to the call out as they have in the past.

“They’re extraordinary supportive,” she said. “Be the people we’re used to seeing in our center and please come out and book that donation.”

In a press release, CEO Dr. Graham Sher said new donors are more important than ever.

“One in two people in Canada are eligible to donate blood, plasma, and platelets, but only one in 81 does,” he said. “The problem is that we’re relying on a very small group of people to meet the needs of the country.”

People who are ineligible to donate whole blood may be eligible to donate plasma.

Donating plasma separates your white and red blood cells, and platelets, which are put back in your body though the same needle.

Men can donate every week and women can donate every two weeks.

Appointments can be made online, or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE.

Published 2022-02-03 by Connor Chan

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