WATCH: This isn’t your ordinary yoga class

The music is loud, bodies are bright, and the movements are freeing

  • Glow paint, breathwork, dancing, and stretching all part of this event
  • Unique class all about coming together, being free, and having a good time

Upbeat music bounces off the walls of the Bliss Yoga Lounge, as participants of the Buti Yoga Glow event dance their stresses away.

Glow sticks and glow paint cover every participant, coupled with multiple blacklights to lend a hand in brightening up the already vivid outfits.

A combination of power vinyasa flow, strength and conditioning, and tribal dance is what yoga instructor, Aleena McKinnon, told Kelowna10 the night is all about.

“You paint your body in glow paint, and then we basically dance and do yoga for about an hour,” she said.

The event kicks off with some down time to be creative, as yogis sift through a variety of glow paints and glowsticks to decorate themselves with.

“I feel like it just allows you to be a big kid, and just to not take life so seriously,” McKinnon said.

After body painting, it’s time for some movement.

“The lights are off, and it’s dark, and you just have no one watching, so you can kind of dance like no ones around,” McKinnon said.

She said dance is a freeing experience, almost childlike at times.

Not only is dancing a big part of the event, but traditional yoga practices are as well.

“Yoga has the breathwork element to it, and of course the stretching is so good for you. It’s a very body, mind, and soul full combination,” McKinnon said.

After getting a workout, the event is followed by champagne to celebrate.

McKinnon’s favorite part about hosting the event is the like minded people.

“Coming together, having fun, especially now that COVID is pretty much over, we’re able to just be free and have a good time, and get a good sweat on at the same time.”

To stay up to date on when the next Buti Yoga Glow event is, visit aleenayoga.com.

Published 2022-03-22 by Keelan Bourdon

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