WATCH: This 10 second ponytail tip will take you from the office to the beach

It's a simple trick that will add volume and let you keep the blow dryer at home

  • Check out this video for a neat hair trick
  • Don't waste valuable outdoor time on your hair

Summer in the Okanagan is the time to take full advantage of the outdoors!

That may mean escaping the office on your lunch break for a run, swim or paddle board session.

How lucky are we to live here?

But outdoor pursuits can wreak havoc on your hair, especially if you have to go back to work!

Toby from 103.1 Beach Radio learns a quick twist on the classic half ponytail that will take you from the beach, back to the office, or out for the evening.

Start by securing half your hair in a small elastic.

Before you tighten it; flip the ponytail through the space between your head and the elastic, then pull it tight. This technique adds volume and it looks like you spent some time on your hair when in reality it takes about 10 extra seconds.

You don't have to miss out on summer fun just because you have to go back to the office. You also don't have to compromise your style.

Put away the blow dryer and curling iron this season, and get creative with the most basic of hair styles; the ponytail!

Published 2022-06-14 by Toby Tannas

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