WATCH: These tips can protect your pooch's paws in the heat wave

We need to keep our pets in mind as temperatures soar

Your dog may be giving you a guilt trip these days about not getting out for that daily walk, but you need to stand your ground.

As the weather warms up, it's important to know that it is likely too hot for your dog to exercise outside.

The BC SCPA doesn't have a set temperature to live by, but there are some things you can do to protect your pet's paws and their general health in the heat.

Before you walk, place the back of YOUR hand against the pavement for five seconds.

If it's too hot for you it's too hot for your pet.

A 30 C day can result in a pavement temperature of 57 C.

You can buy footpads (slip on or stick on) that offer protection.

If a trip outside on the leash is a must on a hot day, seek out shaded areas with grass or a dirt or gravel path. The Mission Creek Greenway is a great option.

Bring water for both you and your pet and offer it often.

Most important, keep an eye on your pet for signs of heat exhaustion. Excessive panting and resistance to continue walking are signs you need to get your pet to a cooler location immediately.

Published 2022-07-26 by Toby Tannas

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