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Understanding the energy of numbers: why May is a '2' and June '3'

  • What's with all those number patterns you keep seeing?
  • How to make opportunities from your numbered world

Have you noticed certain numbers just keep surfacing in your life?

Maybe the same numeric patterns pop up on a restaurant bill, or it’s always the same minutes past the hour when you look at your watch, or you look at a license plate on the car in front of you and it just screams something at you.

This may be coincidence, or it may be the power and energy of numbers.

Professional numerologist and energetics expert, Kelowna’s Meaghan Alton, knows all about how numbers can help someone grow.

“Numbers contain energy,” Alton told Kelowna10. “And when you understand the energy of what they are trying to tell you, can see how to navigate challenges in your life, how to take advantage of opportunities and how to really move forward in what is going to serve your highest good.”

Alton said each month on the calendar has a numeric strength. The month of May is all about connection.

“If you have seen the number two anywhere, you are being asked to understand what connection means to you in your life, how you can expand and deepen connection, and what opportunities will come your way by leaning into connection and people in your life.”

Next month will have a different numbered energy.

“As we move into June, that is going to switch to three energy, which is all about amplification, abundance and creative fire.”

For more about Meaghan Alton and numerology click here.

Published 2022-05-25 by Glenn Hicks

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