WATCH: It’s June, and 'abundance is hiding from you in plain sight'

How the energy of numbers can help you expand

  • Why the number 3 is trying to speak to you
  • Be open to expansion and creativity

Have you noticed your world is surrounded by threes? Well, don’t let them go to waste.

As professional numerologist and energetics expert Meaghan Alton tells Kelowna10, this month is all about ‘three energy.’

“Three signifies abundance and creativity,” she says. “Your abundance is hiding in plain sight this month of June. If you’re seeing the ‘three energy’ … on the clock or on a receipt, for example, then it’s speaking to you.”

She says it’s important through June to keep your eyes open to the possibilities.

“Think expansively and creatively about how you can access and tap into it.”

She says abundance is a willingness to access ideas, thoughts, and belief systems; creativity that will expand your current situation.

“That expansion is waiting for you this month of June with all the threes you see around you.”

Published 2022-06-01 by Glenn Hicks

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