WATCH: Hypnotherapy: a mix of ‘counselling and trance’.

Roach goes deep to try and relax

In an increasing stressful world, many people are finding ways to cope. One of those methods, is hypnotherapy.

Roach from 104.7 spoke with Mind Your Way Hypnotherapy owner Kayla Taylor who told him hypnotherapy is a combination of ‘counseling and trance’.

“It allows you to directly communicate with subconscious minds where are all of the limiting behaviors and beliefs are hard wired,” she said. “Through trance and helpful embedded suggestions, we can rewire those to become self-serving.”

Taylor added that a lot of the techniques taught in the sessions can be done at home and that it’s nothing to be scared about.

“Whatever you find in there the subconscious mind will never give you anything you can’t handle,” Taylor said. “The subconscious mind is there to protect you and serve you. And it will never do anything to traumatize you.”

Published 2022-06-17 by Connor Chan

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