This life coach has ways to keep positive during these tough times

Local wellness and career coach has some tips on keeping a healthy mindset.

  • Self-check ins and small goals are important
  • Communicate with friends and family
  • Find adventure at home

With COVID-19 case counts surging once again, more public health measures coming in ahead of the holidays, and extreme weather top of mind, just simply going about your life can feel overwhelming.

Sheri-lee Voigt is a local wellness and career coach who runs her own business and works at the YMCA of Okanagan. She wants to help others stay positive during seemingly endless negative times.

“I’ve seen our levels of anxiety going up, self-care going down,” Voigt told Kelowna10.

“I’m here to hopefully shed a little light on how we can kind of regroup ourselves and add a little bit more control and balance into our lives.”

She said some people have lost their sense of routine and purpose, or feel depressed due to external factors such as job loss.

“Being able to take a couple moments out of your day to do self-check-in… which could involve taking 10 to 20 minutes in your morning and just sitting down, meditation, just having time for yourself,” Voigt explained.

“The biggest message I have is being able to really be kind to ourselves, really be kind to others, and just show empathy in our everyday living.”

Voigt said a few ways to start feeling more positive is to find small goals that can be accomplished after doing the self-check-in. That way, there may be a feeling of satisfaction and purpose.

This can include things like eating healthier, doing daily yoga, or exercising, and getting fresh air. She said it’s important to find adventure at home since travel hasn’t been available.

“Create some opportunities and get outside, take the time to explore, do something new, learn,” Voight said.

Another important thing to do is communicate with friends and family. She said it’s good to check in with them, talk about how they’re feeling, and to offer support in the ways that work best for them. This can help keep track of personal goals as well.

“I think that’s huge, being able to not hold in everything that’s going on for you; talk about it,” she said.

“Having somebody that can hold you accountable to move you in the small steps towards taking those goals and making them into a reality.”

Voigt said people need to come together as a community, help each other and realize lots of people are feeling the same, so a bit of kindness goes a long way. This can be small interactions such as holding the door for someone or making them smile.

“It’s those really small key things that I actually think we’re kind of missing because we’re all caught up in COVID. Take the time and make somebody’s day if you can.”

Published 2021-12-21 by Jordan Brenda

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