These simple nutrition tips can help you lose weight and feel better

Are you hitting the gym but not seeing results? Why you might need to spend more time in the kitchen.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to mean hours in the gym and a strict diet.

Most health experts will tell you that moderation is key.

Many people head to the gym to lose weight but are disappointed when they don't see instant results.

The reality is weight loss happens in the kitchen, while exercise improves your fitness.

Kelowna Nutritionist & Fitness Coach, Tania Gustafson says if you want to lose weight, focus first on what goes in your mouth. She prescribes the 80-20 rule to her clients.

How you look and feel is 80 per cent what you eat and 20 per cent how much you move.

She's a big believer in PFC Every 3! That's protein, fat, and carbs every three hours to keep that metabolism fired up.

Tania also recommends protein before a workout.

When it comes to changing up your diet and fitness routine the advice is to always consult a doctor first but balanced, consistent meals and moving more are easy ways to improve your health and fitness without a drastic lifestyle change.

Published 2021-10-25 by Toby Tannas

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