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Tapping into your artistic side

How a couple of drinks can help with creativity

  • Abstract painting class
  • Helps get people out for in-person experiences
  • Walk away with a piece of art to be proud of

The south atrium at the Rotary Centre for the Arts is filled with eager participants who have paint brush in hand - as well as their favorite alcoholic beverage.

They’re all here for the Ale & Abstract event, where the prospective artists learn how to paint abstract art.

Taking the odd sip here and there, they experiment with colours, and listen intently to host Angie Marchinkow.

“This is a really great event for our community who wants to be able to take part in new ways of interacting with art,” Marchinkow told Kelowna10.

The class offers a chance for people to create their own abstract art, using guidance from a teacher, and trying new techniques.

The inspiration for the event originally came from a request from someone Marchinkow knew, asking her if she did corporate paint parties.

“I said ‘absolutely’, but really, I had no idea what I was doing and I thought I’ll just figure this out as I go,” Marchinkow said.

She added that she wanted to make it more interesting than what they normally could find elsewhere.

“I’m an abstract artist, so I thought this is a great opportunity to introduce people to abstract if they’re not familiar at all,” Marchinkow said.

With COVID-19, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for in-person events. This class is helping the community get out of their homes and learn something new.

“[It’s] getting people to have in-person experiences, not just on the computer, or by videos, or online tutorials or courses…in a laid back comfortable setting,” Marchinkow said.

She added that you don’t need to be an artist to join in on the fun of the event.

“You show up, you paint, you bring something home. Most people actually wind up hanging their art, which I’m always so excited [about], I’m like ‘good job!’,” Marchinkow said.

“They’re always really excited because it’s an abstract piece of art, and they went right from not knowing anything to actually making something that they’re hanging on their own wall.”

Published 2021-12-21 by Keelan Bourdon

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