Office building part of Train Station Pub site development plan

Two new buildings would fill empty space on lot

A major overhaul is being proposed for the space surrounding the Train Station Pub on the outskirts of downtown.

According to documents submitted to city hall, developers are proposing a five-floor mixed-used tower, a single-floor commercial building, and a liquor store expansion on the site.

The project is part of a Heritage Revitalization Agreement as the pub is a restored Canadian National station. The Train Station Pub will remain untouched.

The Calgary-based architects behind the project say the original agreement for the space developed in 2010 included three commercial buildings. Only one has been built to date.

The proposed tower would be on the north end of the lot, with ground floor retail and office space above.

“The height of [the office building] relates very well to the podium height of the One Water Street development to the west,” planning documents read.

The other proposed commercial building would run along St. Paul Street and be north of the liquor store.

Both buildings would flank the protected ginkgo tree, of which an outdoor room or courtyard plans to be built around. It would have planting, decking, and seating against an art wall backdrop on its northern edge.

“The proposed site design supports pedestrian connectivity between buildings, the railway garden, and the ginkgo tree courtyard as well as to the surrounding streets,” the documents read.

The documents still need to circulate city hall before coming for council for approval.

Published 2022-11-21 by Tyler Marr

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