Meet the man they call ‘Metal Jesus’

Okanagan concertgoer receives celebrity recognition for his escapades

He is known by many names, including angry Jesus and popcorn Jesus.

But to most, he is the legendary ‘Metal Jesus’.

It all began when he saw another heavy metal fan go to concerts dressed as the Christian leader.

The Lake Country resident, who wished to be known as simply ‘TW’, decided to don the robes himself, and found that everyone loved seeing Jesus alongside them in the pit.

Many people took photos with him or simply marvelled at his presence.

TW gained his legendary status after an incident at a metal concert in Penticton, a show which he lamented had ‘weak’ mosh pits.

“I accidentally bumped into somebody, and they freaked out at me, and the security entertained it, that’s what I couldn’t get over,” TW told Kelowna10. “So, I just dumped my popcorn all over everybody and next thing you know, there was four bouncers on me.”

Not long after, he was led out by police officers on each arm and would end up spending a night in the drunk tank.

Little did he know, his story would explode into the public eye, with multiple outlets running stories on the incident, including the largest publication of metal news, Loudwire.

It was at this point that even members of bands that played that night were showing TW recognition. Posts by Gary Holt of Exodus, and Scott Ian of Anthrax popped up, with the latter stating that Metal Jesus will be on the guest list the next time they come through.

“I was actually crying when I was watching Scotty post,” TW said. “I was like, ‘Holy ****, this is really happening.’”

He said his enrobed escapades are more for the enjoyment of others rather than himself.

Those who were in his presence reported that he would dip his fingers in beer and flick it onto them, as if to bless them.

“I would love to do a baptism in the pit, that would be cool,” he remarked. “But something tells me it just wouldn't work out.”

He said he plans to make more appearances at metal events in the Okanagan, even promising there will be ‘Metal Jesus’ T-Shirts at the Armstrong MetalFest, adorned with the now iconic image of him being taken away by police, and accompanied by the ‘Ten commandments of the mosh pit’ on the back.

Published 2023-05-23 by Robin Liva

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