Meaghan talks love, money and playfulness for August

What the August numbers are telling you

  • What are the key dates in August you need to focus on?

We’re into the heart of summer and according to a professional numerologist and energetics expert, August has some very special moments for you to capitalize upon.

“August is about completely switching it up,” Meaghan Alton tells Kelowna10. “August is a ‘5’ energy month and it’s all about freedom, change and playfulness. And, we have an ending that is full of love energy.”

As always, there are some key dates that are worth paying extra attention to.

“August 11th is a day when there’s an opportunity for money to flow into you in a way that’s going to give you a hint of areas of growth, areas where you can go and expand,” she said.

Two important dates at the end of the August would be the 27th and 31st.

“These are so love-filled,” she explains. “It’s a great day to spend some time with your families or loved ones and really see those important relationships in your life highlighted, supported; where you can feel fun, playful and loving together.”

Published 2022-07-26 by Glenn Hicks

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