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Kelowna’s newest fashion boutique is all about sustainability

Edmonton-based brand comes to the Okanagan

One of the newest fashion players in Kelowna, EMMYDEVEAUX, is a little bit different than the rest – and it stretches beyond just their clothing.

Founded in 2018 by Emily Salsbury-Deveaux, the new retailer is focused on high-quality design, uncompromising fits, unique business modeling, and innovation.

Unlike traditional stores, this one is by appointment only, which gives customers a chance to really understand the brand and create an intimate trust of what best suits each person.

“I’ve always been a passionate old-school retail kind of girl. I really love the ability to know the customer, pull pieces they already have, and then show them how to add pieces,” Salsbury-Deveaux told Kelowna10. “It takes that personalized experience and focus to be able to sit down, spend time, have some champagne, and get to know each person that comes in.”

Through its FUNDIT program which focuses on sustainability, stability, and autonomy, an internal crowdfunding system is used to determine the demand for an item before it is produced.

Customers purchase the item over a period of two to five days, and if enough are sold, it goes into production.

“It helps us not bringing in products that aren’t going to perform,” she explained. “We have to sell a certain amount, or the design does not go into production.”

Along with FUNDIT, EMMYDEVEAUX also has a BuyBack program, which helps Salsbury-Deveaux control the secondary market, due to the quality of the products, introducing an innovative and sustainable approach to returning a gently used item.

“We wanted to be a brand that was continuously in conversation with our customers about what we carry, and what they’re wearing, and get our products back if they’re not having the relationship with them that they were hope for,” she explained.

Salsbury-Deveaux has over 20 years experience in retail consulting across various shopping centres and multi-national brands. She said the decision to open a store in Kelowna – the lone outside of Edmonton -- was a choice well made.

“It’s a community that really welcomes brands like ours, they’re really focused on local and being able to have experiences and expand the horizon,” she said. “It’s a really accepting community and since I got here it’s been nothing but meeting amazing people, and everybody wants to be involved.”

More information on EMMYDEVEAUX can be found online.

Published 2023-01-19 by Connor Chan

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