How to make sure your eyes shine above a mask

It's all about feeling fresh

Masks during the COVID-19 pandemic have put even more focus on the eyes.

It’s what strangers, co-workers, and clients see first, and in many cases, the only thing they see during daily interactions.

With fewer social events on the calendar, many women have abandoned makeup, but Kelowna makeup artist, Jenny McKinney, says this is the time for our eyes to shine.

A few minutes spent brightening and celebrating the most exposed part of our face can do wonders for our mood and the way we relate to others.

“If you want to change how you feel, it’s physiology first. What you do with your body impacts how you feel," she said. "That is the power of makeup. When you use makeup to impact the way you feel it takes five minutes and it can change your whole day.”

Start with the brows.

Instead of splurging on expensive brow wax, try using Pears glycerine soap, a bit of water and a spoolie.

Next, pick a subtle, complimentary shadow.

The goal is to look fresh, not ‘made up.'

Follow that with some highlighter along your brow bone and at the inner corner of your eye.

Keeping masks in mind, Jenny applies blush a little higher than usual, sweeping it up around the eye toward the temple in an effect called ‘draping.'

A quick sweep of mascara finishes this fresh, five-minute, eye-centric look.

Follow Jenny on Instagram @jennymckinneymua for more inspiration.

Published 2022-01-28 by Toby Tannas

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