How food can play into hormonal balance

Toby from 103.1 Beach Radio looks at why balance is key to a healthy lifestyle

January is when a lot of people think about their health.

And when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, it's all about balance.

Nutrition expert Tania Gustafson says food is the number one thing you should be focusing on to create an internal balance that will help keep you healthy.

You can use food to create a hormonal balance, too. Gustafson says if you're experiencing hot flashes pay attention!

'PFC 3' is her favourite slogan.

It's protein, fats and carbs together, every three hours, to create stability in your body.

It can help with stabilizing blood sugar. The combo also turns up your metabolism, boosts your immune system, gives you more energy and helps you sleep better.

Gustafson refers to it as "the place where your body likes to be."

Her advice: pick the foods you love from the three groups, put them together in the 'PFC 3' way, and chances are good you'll get the results you want.

Published 2022-01-07 by Toby Tannas

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