Horse joins yoga class

Connecting with the energy of nature

  • Why is this horse in a yoga class?
  • Class is open to 'anyone who is open to trying something new'

On a tranquil farm, a small group of people gathered to take part in a yoga and meditation class... with a difference.

During their meditation they were joined by a horse from the farm.

This is what is known as equine yoga, and for instructor Aleena McKinnon, it was a completely new experience.

“This is actually our first event teaming up with these guys. I’m so excited about it,” McKinnon told Kelowna10. “I think it’s going to be a beautiful experience that we get to offer our community.”

She led a small group of participants through a yoga session, then through a meditation while the horse was amongst them.

“I think when we want to meditate, it’s difficult for most people to find the calm and to quiet the mind and be in the present moment,” she explained. “I feel when you have an animal present, it allows you to really tune in to their presence and once you start the breathing it's almost as if you’re able to tune in to each other.”

She says the event is for anyone who is open to trying something new and wanting to participate in a truly powerful meditation.

“Just getting out of the busyness of your day to day and to be able to just be here, right now with the horses, I think it’s pretty magical.”

McKinnon’s next equine yoga event will be on August 14th at Equi-Life Sport Horses.

Published 2022-08-01 by Robin Liva

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