Check out the most expensive new trike in Kelowna

Who knew a trike could be this special?

Jesse Greeno is the perfect Harley-Davidson sales associate to be showing off the most expensive vehicle in the store: a Trike CVO Tri Glide.

As he shows Kelowna10 around this amazing combo of chrome, colour and character, the Gasoline Alley employee looks, breathes and speaks the part. He growls Harley with the same pure pitch of the CVO’s multiple exhaust system.

But he also happens to have the ideal physical credentials to advise clients on the benefits of riding on three wheels.

Greeno is missing his left leg, following a motorbike crash. As an amputee, he says the CVO trike has a certain appeal.

“A typical rider would be someone who wants the added stability of a third wheel, people who have troubles with balance,” he explains.

But, he admits there are also those customers who just want the very best.

“There are people who want the highest end models, and this stands out. It’s next to none,” he adds. “You put it next to another trike and it’s going to show well above it. You get the kahunas series, a whole bunch of extra features. It’s just the nicest Harley they make.”

Among those very special features that makes this the most expensive vehicles on offer are: the Dante Red Fade paint job, specially designed custom Rockford stereo system, lumbar adjustable seats, and huge storage, all surrounding a 117 cubic engine, the biggest Harley makes.

You can cruise away from the local Kelowna dealership for $64,115.95, before taxes.

Published 2022-10-17 by Glenn Hicks

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