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Can you save money with this DIY holiday wreath?

Some hard labour might save you hundreds of dollars

Social media is full of do-it-yourself videos ahead of the holidays.

True crafters make the projects look easy, but are they really as simple as they appear on social media?

We wanted to find out, so Toby, from 103.1 Beach Radio, put the popular 'Pool Noodle Wreath' project to the test.

The process was said to be simple: create a ring from a pool noodle, cover it in ornaments, and voila, the perfect holiday wreath.

Toby started by forming one and a half pool noodles into a ring, then spray painted the brightly coloured noodles white to better match the ornaments.

She picked up her handy-dandy crafting glue gun and armed herself with several tubes of ornaments in different sizes (the exact number for you will depend on the diameter of your wreath).

After covering the noodles in décor, she accented the wreath with holiday florals and smaller balls to fill the gaps and finished it off with a giant bow.

It took a lot of glue and more ornaments than anticipated, but with two people working, the project took under two hours to complete.

Full disclosure: we estimated the cost of making this wreath to be about $35.

Even with donated pool noodles, the cost was closer to $80, though still much less than wreaths of this size which are sold online and priced as high as $500.

It was also a fun project to do with the kids ahead of the holiday season!

Watch the video to see Toby in action and the final product.

Published 2022-11-23 by Toby Tannas

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