Keep stink bugs & rodents away with these simple solutions

This annual program can keep them at bay

Autumn is here and so are the stink bugs and rodents.

But fear not, as according to one local expert, there are some simple solutions to keep the pesky pests at bay.

Leaves, fruit, garbage

"First, you have to make sure you are doing your part," Marcello from Buzz Boss explained.

Sweep up fallen leaves and keep them clear from your foundation.

Make sure any garbage lids are sealed tight.

"As winter creeps in, food becomes scarce, and suddenly, your leftovers are a rodent feast," he added.

Have fruit trees in your yard? Make sure any dried up food is not left hanging or laying around.

Buzz Shield Complete

But, of course, we all know that might not be enough.

That's where Marcello and Buzz Boss come in with a unique pest control program.

Designed to run all year, Buzz Shield Complete, is your 24/7, 365-day-a-year guard against all things.

"Winter is game time," Marcello added. "We focus on keeping rodents out and to prevent anything that could cause a big influx of insects come spring."

Buzz Shield Complete means Marcello and the team from Buzz Boss will be working to stay ahead of seasonal problems, making sure your pest plan is preventative and not reactionary.

"We work with customers from across the Okanagan, so we know what problems are going to be popping up," he said.

"If you are making one investment into your home this fall, make it Buzz Shield Complete."

To learn more about how Marcello can help you, visit buzzboss.com.

Published 2023-09-17 by Featured Content

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