Bouncing for Mental Health

The benefits of trampolining.

  • Great for physical and mental health
  • Landing new tricks boosts self esteem
  • A place for youth to learn skills and make friends
  • Airhouse hosts a variety of programs for all ages and genders

Bouncing on a trampoline is not only fun, but it can help greatly improve a person's physical and mental health. That’s the philosophy of a popular Kelowna recreation facility.

“Trampoline in forms of exercise is fantastically good for all around health including mental health,” Craig Calder, general manager of Airhouse Kelowna said. “Just with what we’ve seen… in the world recently, it’s a really good form of releasing all that”.

The facility gives youth a place to not only hang out and make friends, but to also build self esteem and learn new skills along the way.

“We've seen huge building, especially young kids with self confidence as they gain confidence or land a new trick. They get amazing results from the trampoline,” Calder said.

Learning new tricks without assistance can be difficult, so Airhouse has expert staff available to help with training, providing people with the tools to get the most out of their trampolining.

“Airhouse is an awesome facility which lets the younger generations enable themselves to grow their air awareness and safety skills, while learning and having a whole lot of fun in the air,” trampoline coach, Owen Brunt said.

“I grew up at Big White ski resort competing on the freestyle team there for many years. That was actually how I originally got into trampolining - using it as a dry land training mechanism for the slopes,” Brunt added.

“Having that experience has really enabled me to help the kids work their skills on the trampoline and be ready to take those skills to the snow the next season”.

The space gives youth of Kelowna a place to feel welcomed, and allows for a supportive and encouraging place for improvement.

“Airhouse is just a really cool, good, positive environment for all those youth that are growing up looking for hobbies and things to fill their time after school,” Brunt said. “Come check it out”.

Published 2021-12-10 by Keelan Bourdon

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